Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quotes #150-153, My Thoughts and Your Thoughts

I love Quotes. I love them because they make me think. What does the quoter mean? Why did he/she write this? Is there a message to get through to the reader/the world? What did YOU initially think when you read it?

Here goes blog quotes #150-53....

"Polished brass will pass upon more people than rough gold."
- Chesterfield-
"Things are seldom what they seem; skim milk masquerades as cream."
-W.S. Gilbert-
"All that glisters is not gold."
-Cervantes, in Don Quixote-
"Photography deals exquisitely with apprearances, but nothing is what it appears to be."
-Duane Michaels-

Did you ever hear the story of the PR guy who dies and gets to the pearly gates.? A good guy, but his whole life, all his stories pitched a win -win situation. In honor of his skills, St Peter gave him a choice of Heaven or Hell.

So they take a ride down the elevator to Hell and are greeted at the elevator door by Satan himself, seeming to be a great guy. Satan offers the man a nice cuban cigar and tells the new guest to have a ball. People are drinking, laughing, partying, everyone dressed to the hilt, looking great, having the time of their lives. Even the concierge comes up and says ANYTHING is yours while you are here, complements of the host. At the end of the day.. time to go, although no one wanted to, with the fun they had. St Pete says,"just wait 'til you see Heaven".

Off they go up the elevator to visit Heaven. The doors open and its everything as beautiful and serene as one would imagine. Beautiful music, puffy white clouds, everyone peacefully walking by,smiling, greeting, as nice as could be. Probably the most relaxed and restful and comforting day... EVER.

Decision time comes and as nice as Heaven was, the PR guy couldnt shake the FUN that waited below.. so he chooses Hell. Off they go, in anticipation of more excitement. The elevator stops and opens to a dirty, wasteland of trash, fires on the streets, moans, groans, and complete misery. The PR guy finds the devil and demands to know what the HELL is going on( no pun intended). The devil wryly smiles and says.. Yesterday you were a prospect; today you are a client".

Be careful out there. As Duane Michael's quote says.. nothing is what it appears to be.. at least in front of the camera.

That's my view...... What Say You?

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