Monday, May 4, 2009

In Case You Missed(4/27-5/3 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

The following is a briefing of this past weeks Daily Positive emails sent out to Smile-Therapy subscribers.

The week of 4/27-5/3 started with a nice story of How Important we all are.. ESPECIALLY the BUSBOY. Next was a story on picking up TRASH... worth your time. Wednesday brought a tale of 2 men who started the same positiion and ended 25 yers later vastly different.Why? Next a cool site to find out if your town/city is HAUNTED, and finally, a heartwarming Bostom Marathon story. Off we go...

4-27....Reminder of HOW IMPORTANT you are!
4-28....Here's a 'TRASHY' Subject( excellent story, what we can all do to make the Planet a we bit CLEANER).
4-29.... 2 Men, Same Start, Vastly Different Ending. How and WHY?
4-30.... Is Your Town/City HAUNTED? (very cool website to check out).
5-1.... Remarkable Boston Marathon story( read how 57 Sr citizens logged more miles around their nursing home than a Marathon contestant).

Full articles are available at to subscribers.

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