Monday, February 29, 2016

Do you have the Guts here?

Blog quote #864...
"Don't be too timid or squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson-

One last quote for this extra day of February.
If you dare to dig into this statement, it's quite accurate. So go for it, if you have the guts. 

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

It's all about the CHOICES...isn't it?

Blog quote #864...
"It is our choices, Harry, that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities." -Albus Dumbledore-

You never know who will be quoted at the Smile-Therapy Think Tank...even Harry Potter greats!

Well Ol' Albus  reminds us that our CHOICES are HUGE, and cannot be emphasized enough. Be certain to make good ones-- today, tomorrow, and everyday!

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quote about--THE CHAIR?

Blog quote #863...
"It's a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do." -Walter Winchell-

A subtle weight loss tip/warning here?  Or  was he talking about the chair being all hot and sticky? You make the call. 

Either way, we got a chuckle from this line...

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Friday, February 26, 2016

A unique thought on RELAXING...

Blog quote #862...
"Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if the axis on which the world earth revolves---slowly, evenly,without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment." -Thich Nhat Hahn-

Just a nice thought on this Friday, to help us all, slow down a smidgeon. 

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Old age humor...

Blog quote #861...
"You know you're getting old when your back starts going out more than you do." -Phyllis Diller-

Some say there is a lot of truth, in sarcasm and jokes. We agree. 
Phyllis Diller was a talent! Thanks for the laughs, PD.

That's my view..what say you?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dig In and Get after it!

Blog quote #860...
"You've got three choices in  life: Give up. Give in, or  give it all you got." -Jesse Owens-

Appropriate timing here as the movie 'RACE' is coming out in theatres now and speaks well for the character of this amazing man.

Owens himself added to this quote.. "A lifetime of training, for just 10 seconds." 

For those unaware, Owens was the world champion runner for the 100 meter dash. Is there any question which of the three above Owens selected? Is there any question which one we should also select? 

For what it's worth, we say..."It's life. We only get to go around the merry-go-round once. Get after it, and DIG IN!"

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Movement doesn't just happen-- it's DECIDED

Blog quote #859...
"You'll never leave where you are, until you decide where you'd rather be." -Robert Brockman-

This applies to all shapes and sizes of things in life. Want that milkshake at Cold Stone Creamery? You won't get it until you DECIDE you want it and are going to motivate yourself to go after it. 

It's the same with much bigger goals and dreams in life. You aren't moving from your current status(job, better tennis player, higher degree, etc)--until you DECIDE this is what I want and, I will now PLAN MY WAY to go get it. 

A very deep and profound statement by Mr. Brockman.

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Something all of us should STOP looking for...

Blog quote #858..
"Quit looking for reasons you can't accomplish something." -Rich Digirolamo-

Whatever  we look for, we'll certainly find. And of course in the world we live in, it's not overly difficult to find doubt, fear, negativity, anxiety, and pessimism. Stop looking for it and start focusing on what you CAN get done!

Don't we all need to read this at least once a year, if not once every six months, or even each quarter?  Kick the "t" off of the can't.


That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Laugh--any time you can?

Blog quote #857..
"I have always felt that laughter- in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is--and will last until the day when the game is called on account of darkness. In this world, a good time to laugh--is any time you can." -Linda Ellerbee-

Love the wording  'until the day the game is called on account of darkness'(i.e. the end of the world.)

I  agree wholeheartedly with Ellerbee's thoughts here. I've always believed the world is way too serious. Furthermore, us humans think we are much more important, significant, and in control of things...than we truly are. Just my 2 cents.

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A word on LEADERSHIP...

Blog quote #856..
"Leadership is about going somewhere---If you and your people don't know where you are going, your leadership doesn't matter." -Ken Blanchard-

A quick word of advice, from a man who has studied corporate leadership for 50 years of his life. Also in the writing hall of fame. Thanks, Ken.

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mind Clutter...

Blog quote #856..
"You can't dance if you've got too much muck in your head." -Yoko Ono-

See the word 'dance' in the above quote? You can substitute many other words in there and it holds true. You can't read, play sports, draw, write, sing or do much of anything else -when your mind is cluttered. 

Basically it will stall you, jam you up, cause procrastination, or get you confused. In all honesty, get rid of the muck, junk or clutter in your mind, before attempting to do anything with effectiveness.

That's my view..what say you?

More great things await

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Woman---an incredible creature...

Blog quote #855..
"After all, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards, and in high heels." -Ann Richards, 45th Governor of Texas-

More proof that women can do virtually anything men can do. And many times, an even better job.  

The female race--quite driven, highly skilled, and mentally powerful, yet all with a sensitive side to boot. Awesome!

More great things await

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ego check...

Blog quote #854..
"If you are sitting on top of the world, turns over every 24 hours." -Seen on a poster-

A superbulous reminder, to keep all of our ego's in check.


More great things await

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The legendary Bob Hope speaks...(funny)

Blog quote #853..
"We have 51 golf courses in Palm Springs. He never decides which course he will play until after his first tee shot." -Bob Hope, on Gerald Ford-

Good timing as the pro golf circuit is in the middle of their California swing. This quote brings back memories, from the 'thanks for the memories' king

Bob hope was one funny comedian, clean humor, and was a big helper and supporter of our US military, always traveling overseas to cheer up our  men and women in uniform.

Not a bad move to google Mr. Hope and look up some of his past material. It's pretty darn comical. Bob, thanks for the memories!

More great things await

On Trying to Impress others...

Blog quote #851...
"Be who you are  and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter,and those who matter don't mind." -Dr.Seuss-

Blog quote #852...
"A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep." -Unknown-

Two quotes on being who you are, and not tremendously concerned with what everyone else thinks.  A couple of excellent reminders that the YOU that YOU ARE-- is pretty awesome and it doesn't matter if you impress anyone or everyone else.

Be you!

More great things await

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Best Breakfast...?

Blog quote #850..
"Hope...That's what I have for breakfast every morning." -Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez, Yankee pitcher-

Can you think of a more nutritious, delicious, sustaining and all around good for you meal, to have for breakfast? 

Without HOPE  the days will start out long, then soon will shorten, and might even disappear. Most with no hope, do not last very long. 

Get yourself a bowlful of HOPE tomorrow, and, every morning.

More great things await

Thursday, February 11, 2016

'Get After' Life

Blog quote #849..
"It's not enough just to swing at the ball. You've got to loosen your girdle and let 'er fly." -Babe Didrikson Zaharias-

From one of the all time great woman golfers in history, the Babe is telling us to live life with passion. Go for the gusto. Get after it,  as we are only here a short time! 

We agree. How about you?

More great things await

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another 'Secret' To HAPPINESS

Blog quote #848..
"The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles." -William Penn-

Too simple to work?
Believe it or not, no, not really. Try it!

Amazing that when we think of all the good we have going on in our lives, it usually dwarfs the few challenges we are facing. 

Another way to find solace, look around--so many others have similar or worse issues than we face, which is always a good perspective shifter as well. 

That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What an EXCITING Thought...

Blog quote #847..
"Do you realize, today is another chance to be great?" -Grand Poobah of Smiles-

That's a pretty cool thought, isn't it? 
The facts are...yesterday has no factor on today. It's done and gone. In the past. The book is closed on yesterday.

Today, on the other hand--is all yours. To do as you please. Go get it. Make something FANTASTIC happen. Something that, hopefully we can all talk about tomorrow with wonderment, or at least a smile...

That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Potential Problem with Quick Decisions...

Blog quote #846..
"Delay is preferable to error." -Thomas Jefferson-

Former president TJ  gives us a pithy quote reminding us to not rush to judgment.

Speaking of brevity, don't let the conciseness of this advice lead you to underestimate it's power. Many a quick decision has cost much more in not only financial matters, but ironically, further delays as well.  

Take your time, to determine not the quickest, but the most correct path. Hmm...

That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Sunday, February 7, 2016

On Choosing Battles...

Blog quote #845..
"Wisdom never kicks at iron walls it cant bring down." -Olive Schreiner-

This quote falls in the 'choose your battles carefully' category. Wisdom also knows that every iron wall has it's rust. There is a time and a place for everything. Hmm...

That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Quote about some old folklore... Greener Grass?

Blog quote #844...
"Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side, because its been fertilized by a bunch of silly nonsense." -Anonymous-

A word to the wise here. There is great truth to this statement.
As an FYI where is says 'silly nonsense'  we cleaned up the quote for 'G' rating. There was an expletive there. feel free to add your own statement to this.
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Dog's statement to his//her owner...

Blog quote #843...
"If I could give you one thing in life, I'd give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then- would you realize how special you are to me." -Dog to owner-
Is this not every dog's thoughts about their owners? Can there be a cooler, more special creature on the planet, than the DOG?
Our educated guess is that any dog owner will highly likely agree to this magnificent and heartwarming quote.
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thoughts on...Procrastination

Blog quote #842...

"Thinking about it is harder than doing it. Just do it. Live today. Put off procrastination until tomorrow." -Dean 'the dancing machine' Brainard-
Listed above, are 4 quick,solid tips on dealing with procrastination. The last one is almost like an oxymoron. It sends procrastination spinning on it's head.
No more DELAY. Onward. Here we go...
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What the PLANET desperately needs...

Blog quote #841...

"The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kind." -The Dalai Lama-
The D-L strikes again. He really nailed it here! Excellent. Bravo.Woo-hoo. 
One to print off and share with everyone!
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the subject of... WHY?

Blog quote #840...

"Mother Hen: Why do chicks constantly ask 'WHY?  Baby chick: Why do you adult hens stop asking WHY?." -Doug Savage cartoon-
The same, excellent inquiry has to apply to humans as well. When did we adults either lose our sense of wonder, or, our courage to ask?
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

Monday, February 1, 2016

When Silence is SMART

Blog quote #839...

"Silence is not only golden, it is seldom misquoted." -Bob Monkhouse-
We like the double bang of a tried and true saying, mixed in with a bit of humor.You can't misquote something that isn't said.    
Funny how at times, the smartest thing to say, is nothing. Hmm...
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await

On Leadership, and commanding an orchestra

Blog quote #838...

"A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd." -James Crook-
This quote is quite clever. It gives us a very similar analogy to life, itself. 
Leaders have to do what they think is right and what has to be done. They can't be so concerned with popularity contests, or to be in complete agreement with public opinion. It's just the way it is.
That's my view...what say you? 
More great things await