Monday, June 15, 2009

In Case You Missed(6/8-6/14 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

The week of 6/8-6/14 started with a kid who some say was dumb, others a Genius. Next a question, Why do people CHEAT? Next it was Smorgasborg #2.. a little something for everyone(6-8 cool places, websites, things to check out,etc). Thursday, question #2 GOSSIP.. Does it pass the test? See what YOU think? Finally, Friday closed with a nice short video asking of you THINK B- I- G? Do You? Here we go.......

6-8.....Is this the Dumbest, SMARTEST kid ever?( funny, and a lesson here)
6-9.....Why Do People CHEAT? What say you?
6-10... Smorgasborg #2.. a little something for all( cool websites, consumer warnings, money savers, etc). Take a peek.
6-11....GOSSIP.. Does it pass the TEST? 2nd one of the week... What say you?
6-12....Do You Think BIG? ( enjoyable quick video. Nice to share with a small entrepreneur or anyone with a BIG IDEA.
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