Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quote #66, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

I love Quotes. I love them because they make me think. What does the quoter mean? Why did he/she write this? Is there a message to get through to the reader/the world? What did YOU initially think when you read it?

Here goes blog quote #66....

"The purpose of life is to fight maturity."

-Dick Werthimer-

Anyone ever tell you to "grow up"? "Stop acting so immature"? Quit screwing around and get serious."

Since when did we get so serious? Where is the life rule that when we get out of teenager-land, we can't have any more fun? It's like someone turns off the FUN switch.

Per some research on the internet, the average kid laughs 300 times a day. By the time you hit 40, its about 14 laughs( yes fourteen). Anyone know WHY?

I like Werthimer's quote because I try to do exactly what he says. I fight maturity and I'm proud of that. I don't ever want to really grow up. I always want to be full of fun, laughter, and play. That doesn't mean I cannot be a responsible, wage earning, good standing adult. Difference is.... I think we all can absolutely do both. In fact, I was laughing writing this silly blog up.

That's my view.....WHAT SAY YOU?

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