Friday, February 20, 2009

In Case You Missed(2/14-2/20 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

The following is a briefing of this past weeks Daily Positive emails sent out to Smile-Therapy subscribers.

The week of 2/14-2/20 was one of the BEST EVER. INTENSE. The Aunt Mollie asks an EXTREMELY revealing question at its conclusion. Next was the Smorgasbord email.. 8 cool things for people to choose what interests them.Next, lessons from a funeral, then... are we Outsmarting ourselves? Finally a brain racking game thats a favorite.Without further adieu ....

2-16.... Do YOU have an AUNT MOLLIE?( I sure hope so). Read this one!
2-17.... Smorgasbord #1(8 different things, people may enjoy. Click where you' d like).
2-18.... Lessons Learned from a FUNERAL( 3 Positives that came from a friend's funeral).
2-19....Are We OUTSMARTING Ourselves? ( you tell us).
2-20....What is the TOP ANSWER #3 ( very popular game with the S-T'ers)

Full articles are available at to subscribers.

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