Friday, July 31, 2009

Quote #221, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

I love Quotes. I love them because they make me think. What does the quoter mean? Why did he/she write this? Is there a message to get through to the reader/the world? What did YOU initially think when you read it?

Here goes blog quote #221...

"Playing make believe is always the start of believing. So.. whare shall we go today and who wants to start?"
-The Universe, at

This is marvelous as it's quick, it's to the point, and it's catchy.

It's also true. As I've stated before, everything is created twice. First in the mind, then, the actual creation.

Whatever you can think up, in theory, is a possibility. Lets get those noggin's working out like a fresh racehorse. Lets see some LATHER on those brains.

That's my view....... What Say You?

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