Monday, July 20, 2009

In Case You Missed(7/13-7/19 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

Middle of July and things were cooking at Smile-Therapy. We started the week with a joke about a man wanting to switch places with a woman for a day; boy was he in for a surprise. Next up was a story on WHY Giving is Superb. Mid week brought us the WAKE UP CALL.. wait til you read how one person put their foot in their mouth.. badly. I felt for the uninformed person, after the fact. Thursday was avoiding 10 business mistakes that your customers won't tell you about, but we will. Finally the week closed with 100 things to do on a weekend without spending much money.. a goodie. Here goes....

7-13....Monday AM Giggler. the man who wanted to be a woman for a day.. (boy was he surprised how HARD it was)
7-14.... Wonderful story of Why GIVING is SUPERB.
7-15.... WOW, what a WAKE UP CALL( An embarrassing story of a person who writes a letter to the military, and puts his foot in mouth.. bigtime). Do READ THIS ONE!
7-16.... Avoid like the Plague These 10 Business Practices( good business tips here, from the CUSTOMERS MOUTH's).
7-17.... A weekend without spending any MONEY.. CAN YOU DO??( great article with 100 things to do, with out spending much $$).
7-17.... Bonus::: Attention Halloween Fans.. some great deals on costumes.. up to 60% off and a 2 for 1 sale. If you love Halloween, be sure to have a look here for some early shopping deals.

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