Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quote #219, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

I love Quotes. I love them because they make me think. What does the quoter mean? Why did he/she write this? Is there a message to get through to the reader/the world? What did YOU initially think when you read it?

Here goes blog quote #219...

"The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day, your off it."
-Barbara Johnson-

A little humor from Ms. Johnson this scrumptious Tuesday morning in July. I'm reading her book 'Humor Me' and there are plenty of one liners and zingers in there.

The funny thing is, there is some truth to the first part of her statement. I once wrote a book on dieting called
'It Only Makes Sense', and there is no question that things get easier on days 2, 3 and 4. First off, in any project you tackle, the hardest thing is to GET STARTED. So once your under way, and you've made the commitment, it does get easier.

Secondly, as the days go on, your body literally gets used to eating less food. Don't get me wrong.. losing weight is by no means easy. Nonetheless,
its a mind over matter game. It's a decision. It's also not as difficult to push away from the plate the longer you stay on the diet. Thoughts anyone?

That's my view....... What Say You?

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