Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quote #212, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

I love Quotes. I love them because they make me think. What does the quoter mean? Why did he/she write this? Is there a message to get through to the reader/the world? What did YOU initially think when you read it?

Here goes blog quote #212...

"Life is full of obstacle illusions."
-Grant Frazier-

Love the play on words here. Great stuff because life does have its share of obstacles. Life also has plenty of illusions as well.

What I thought was ingenious here is that many so called 'obstacles', are created in our minds.... thus truly ARE illusions. In addition, many obstacles, also referred to as 'problems', are really opportunities in disguise. It all depends on the attitude of the observer.

There's an old saying.... "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" Similarly, problems/opportunities are also in the eye of the optimist/pessimist. Beware of those obstacle illusions out there. They may be as real as a counterfeit 5 dollar bill.

That's my view....... What Say You?

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Rena Reese said...

So clever.... I'll bet you are good at Soduko too! I just finished a book that explained that there is no good or bad, our mind makes it so using our emotions. I didn't take my Buddha pill today, but I have to say I see that as truth too.

Thanks for sharing this one TAS!