Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Case You Missed(6/29-7/5 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

What a great week coming into Our Nations Birthday. 6/29 started with another reason why you can't listen to the naysayers. Next was a reminder sales tip on persistance. Wednesday the 1st was the 3/50 PROJECT.. Read this one. It's about supporting your own local economy. Thursday was a 29 second lesson to remember forever, courtesy of the Special Olympics Friday was a proud to be a Red White and Blue Neck in the USA.. another must read!Have at it.....

6-29....Why you Can't listen to the NAYSAYERS.
6-30.... Again and Again and Again....... Reminder to be PERSISTENT( good sales tip here).
7-1.... The 3/ 50 PROJECT.. support your local businesses....Must READ for all.
7-2.... 29 Second lesson you' ll rememeber forever( from the Special Olympics).
7-3.... Are you a RED WHITE and BLUE NECK?( its a good thing).
7-4.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA... great song by Martina Mc Bride

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