Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Case You Missed(3/1-3/8 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

The following is a briefing of this past weeks Daily Positive emails sent out to Smile-Therapy subscribers.

The week of 3/1-3/8 flew by with ferver. First we had some of our usual Monday humor, followed with an absolute MUST READ book, if you have vision.. A little quiz of what would you do for the S-T ers, followed by some great internet advice( a warning), and we closed Friday with some inspiration worth your time. Take a peek....

3-2.... Monday AM humor( 25 Reasons I owe my Mother. All Moms will crack up at this).
3-3.... The Fishermans GUIDE to LIFE ( Strongly request you read this book).
3-4.... What would you do? ( Your given a 25th hour in the day.. what to do?).
3-5.... Be Careful.. Big Brother Google is WATCHING( Yes YOU! Do what? Have a look).
3-6.... Very inspiring.. Meet Faith The Dog.. (This will Stun you).

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