Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quote #10, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

I love Quotes.I love them because they make me think.What does the quoter mean? Why did he/she write this? Is there a message to get through to the reader/the world? What did YOU initially think when you read it?

Here goes blog quote #10....

"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box."
-Italian Proverb-

I cannot wait to see what YOUR interpretion is. What a great proverb that can be taken many different ways.

Here's my take on it. We all get buried in the same way when we die. We can't take anything with us.It's not a game of who can collect the most toys. Regardless whether we are a king or a pauper.. we are all still humans. We all put our clothes on the same way.We all go to the bathroom the same way. Our blood is all the same color. We all look the same in a hospital gown no matter who we are or what our title is. Health and Death, the great equalizers.

Then it leads me to thinking...when I go into my "box", am I heading "North" or "South"? Did I live a good and honorable life? Did I add more and give back more than I took? I sure hope so.

Thats my view..... WHAT SAY YOU?

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Maddie said...

What a great Quote~!
We are ALL ONE. And we are all in one big BOX, called Planet Earth.