Monday, August 3, 2009

In Case You Missed(7/27-8/2 Posts on Smile-Therapy)

The week of 7/27-8/2 brought a hysterical commercial, a look at living versus going through the motions, a look at the world from OTHER PEOPLES EYES, a great story of an 8 year o ld entrepreneur and finally we closed the week with a site that features wonderful things that kids are doing today. Let's have at it...

7-27.... One of the funniest commercials seen in 2 years.. Babies Rollerskating and breakdancing. If you need a laugh, this is a must view!
7-28.... Are you LIVING LIFE, or just going thriough the motions?
7-29.... New pair of GLASSES changes a man's view of the world 15,000%.. see what YOU SEE.
7-30.... 8 year old entrepreneur makes a HUGE SCORE.. a must read for all!
7-31... A website that features What's RIGHT With KIDS Today ( if you know of a kid doing something good... send it in, it may get published!)

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