Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to the Smile-Therapy Think Tank (S-T TT)

This is blog #1 of many more to come, and is probably being read by the whopping audience of 1 (myself). The good news is, as soon as someone else reads it , my audience will have doubled. Four people and I’ve quadrupled my readership. Off we go, like a herd of turtles!

The theme of the S-T TT will always be my thoughts on something random, with an attempt to get you, the reader, to go HMM, then convey YOUR Thoughts. You’ ll frequently see the ending line “That’s my view, what say you?”

I try to have some variety, as I love to keep my readers guessing and thinking , I wonder what the “Think Tank” has in store today?

A few things you can look forward to are as follows
  1. Quotes and how I interpreted it and how YOU interpret it
  2. Questions to ponder, such as.. Are cell phones necessary in the bathroom?
  3. A fill in the blank, mystery, or trivia mind bender
  4. New tips for the week, that were shared at
  5. Eye catching T shirts, signs and stickers seen out there on planet earth
  6. Basically anything that happens in life that I find worth a write and looking for your opinions, views, and perspectives.
Next blog we’ll discuss the value of getting your views and the power of sharing information

On Blog #1, that’s my view. What say you?

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