Wednesday, October 29, 2008

$25 For $2 ? SUPERB DEAL on the 'net

I am all for deals, steals and bargain hunting. Occasionally, there comes along a deal that I have to tell EVERYONE about.

Would you buy a restaurant gift certificate for $2 that has a value of $25? This is not a trick question.

Even better question: Do you have any business associates that you'd like to get them a great gift, and a small cost to yourself?

Heres what to do

1.) Go to
2.) Look up the city where you want to find the available restaurants that participate.

3.) On surface,$25 Gift certs are going for $10. $10 dollar gift certs are going for $3 . pretty good deal. But Wait... THERE'S MORE..........

4.) Be sure to use the coupon code "TREATS". This will give you an additional 80% off. Yes, that's correct. 80 PERCENT OFF.

Be sure to read the conditions of the restaurant. Nothing major, but may be a minimum order, or only useful on a weekday night. At these prices, who cares?

I will mention that the restaurants are all types of cuisines, and there are inexpensive diners as well as pricey trattoria's.

Now thats what I call a TASTY deal!

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