Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thats My View, What Say YOU??

Today, let's discuss the value of getting YOUR views, and the power of sharing information.

Two main points.

First, there is an old adage that scientists and researchers say we humans only use about 10% of our brains. We are incredibly smart creatures, yet don't use nearly our potential.

Look at what computers can accomplish. How about the world wide web and what can be done there. Travel from continent to continent in a single day. Converse with someone 15,000 miles away instantaneously, via email. Put someone on the moon. And yes, lets not forget the creation of the Fluffernutter. All of the above were created by human BRAINS!

I'll attempt to get using my brain a tad more than that 10% figure. More importantly, I want to reach into yours as well.

Second, perhaps you are aware of Dale Carnegie, one of the all time great motivators, and specialists in human relations. Dale once said ,"People love to talk about themselves. If you want to make a friend, ask questions and listen. Let others tell you what they think and feel."

I've found in life that people can't LEARN much when their mouth is open.

Thus, the Smile-Therapy Think Tank will be Bloggin' to YOUR noggin. I will use my brain on some subject and with some luck, I'll start the engines of your mind to draw a response or two from you.

How much can we learn when we all share our wisdom, personal experiences and knowledge with each other? I find that question quite exciting

Thats my view. What Say YOU?

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Nimble One said...

Great post Tim; & congrats for taking your blog by the b-horns. I like your thoughts about learning. Sometimes to learn something new you have to unlearn something already there. Check out for more on that perspective. In the meantime, keep up the good work...just watch your noggin when you're bloggin!