Monday, October 6, 2008

6 New Ways To Say HELLO

Did you ever notice the way we greet one another? It seems to me the better the questions we ask, the better the information we' ll get in return. Personally, I've realized that I want to make an effort to say hello in new ways. This will in turn generate better information, more interesting responses, and ultimately, better conversations.

What are some examples of the ways we commonly say hello?

How are you? ( common responses..... good/ ok/ not bad).
Hey, whats up? ( not much/ nothing).
Whats going on? ( aah, not much/ just chilling).
What you been up to?(nothing/not much).
Hows work/school? ( ok/ not bad).

How about these:

John, whats the most exciting thing to happen to YOU this week?
Joe, whats new this week in YOUR world?
Jill, how about giving me a 2 minute update in JILLWORLD?
Jerry, whats interesting in your life these days?
Jake, whats the MOST FUN thing that happened to you in the past week? Any vacations planned?
Jim, on a 1-10 scale, who are things in your life?

Those are just a few. It's actually amazing that aboutl 912 things happen in a day, and I just cannot remember them. When someone says whats up, the brain just goes to the auto responder .. not much. Actually I've borrowed a line from my brother in law and now answer the whats up question with EVERYTHING.

Do you have any creative greetings to open up the conversation doors?

Thats my view...... what say YOU?


Nimble One said...

Nice one...
How about "what's cook'n good look'n?"'ll be sure to get, at least, a smile!

T.A. Smith said...

Nimble One

Thats always a warm greeting. I like that one :)