Friday, October 10, 2008

Week of 10-10-08 Newly Added Tips at Smile-Therapy

We had a big week of new and exciting tips at Smile-Therapy. As always,if you have anything you want to SHARE,anything that WORKS FOR YOU,anything that you just want to RAVE ABOUT,share away at


Here's a few of the Newly added TIPS this week at Smile-Therapy:

Cut your CAFFINE consumption in HALF?..........(Health section)
How to get 8 MEALS out of a $5 purchase........(Food)
Good way to get rid of Bad Car ODORS...........(Home/Home Improv.)
DISNEY Travelers, a MUST restaurant to visit...(Entertainment)
How OLD will you Live To Be?....................(Fun/Games)

3 day weekend. Go hard. Have a Blast. Why not? Life's short!


Iago de Otto said...

Came across Smile-Therapy from Sam Adkin's Facebook page, so liking the name of this blog I have clicked on through. Here in Taiwan where I make my residence these many moons, it was a three-day weekend starting on Friday with Double Ten (the ROC equivalent to the 4th of July), a national holiday and thus a day off from work and/or school, depending on. But it also is a kind of four-day weekend for yours truly, I write from the office where I serve as a foreign-contracted government functionary in my role as an editing and translation consultant, in that today, the 13th, is my birthday. ANd someone, a close buddy here for almost three decades now, dropped by to drop a lottery ticket on me, the top prize being NT$1.3 billion and being announced tonight. Now that is an awesome birthday present. I'm gonna give half my winnings back to him.


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How cool is that?

T.A. Smith said...


May you have good fortunes and more important, have the happiest of Birthdays today. They only come around one time a year. Enjoy!