Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BIG Day for Smile-Therapy

After about 5 weeks of tweaking and twisting,adding and deleting, we have a new front page to Smile-Therapy(S-T). The new look includes a BLUNT description of...

What IS S-T?
What are the BENEFITS of S-T?
What is the cost?

Also added were some COUPONS on the upper left. Additionally, you'll find a few KINDERGARDEN pictures of yours truly(guaranteed to get a GRIN out of the ladies). Click on: who's behind the Wizard of Zz curtain of "Mr. Smile-Therapy".

Finally, "A Dogs Letter to God" is hilarious for pet owners/lovers, and the Average Cost To Raise A Child at $160,000" will be a favorite of any parent.

Don't forget.. Add a tip or two to the Library of Wisdom. We all benefit from each others collective wisdom!
Heres the site:


Make it an enjoyable Tuesday

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Anonymous said...

Yo....I like the new look.....info packed page 1....Good job!!!