Monday, October 27, 2008

Expecting 100% Readership of This ( IMPT)

I ask you to read this link with an open mind and share your thoughts.

Could this be true?
What if it is true?
Click below for the link.

I also ask that you DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK to get what you determine is the truth (there are plenty of places on the internet to find truth).

>> Ask questions.
>> Dig.
>> Do your own research.

That’s what I’m doing; and I’m not “telling you/influencing you” with my final decisions.

>> Just EDUCATE YOURSELF, and draw your own conclusions.

You can find for yourself the real truth, rather than what someone with an agenda wants to “feed you”.
>> Then share with others what you find, and ask them to do the same.

Last I knew, no one likes to be duped, tricked, or conned.

One final thought, I ask you:
Is an uneducated vote worse than no vote at all??

Thank you for your time and your open mind.
T.A Smith,
Proud citizen of the United States of America.


JollyJB said...

There is no true democracy in the USA. I wish there were!!

The American experiment has failed because the media has been overtaken by corporations with an agenda of self-preservation (profit, greed). The founders of this nation warned against "corporations being treated as people" (with rights as if human beings); these warnings were ignored (or covered up by the corporate promoters). Now, there is no free press, because every journalist has to be afraid of losing their job (fired by - the corporation); media does not publish stories which suggest the dissolution OF the entire corporate-privilege structure.

The founders of the American nation assumed there would be an INFORMED electorate, who would read from numerous sources, and then make informed, intelligent decisions/choices. Instead, we have a nation of uninformed semi- illiterates who are fed their "truth" by (primarily) television - or newspapers (which of course are corporate-owned, corporate-agenda-promoting entities) whose primary purpose is to sell advertising space (more hypnosis of the masses); and to do this they choose to put forth alarming, terrifying "news"; to keep people perpetually afraid, and seeking who to blame for their fears.

The idea of a democracy where well-informed citizens make intelligent choices and select wise leaders was a great idea! Is it happening anywhere on Earth? It certainly does not seem to be happening in the current USA.

J. Briar

Jean Tracy, MSS said...

Great article, Tim. I fear the public wears blinders because they want change so badly. The press' influence is enormous. I'm concerned about the results for all of us.


Shelle said...

I have to believe that when our Founding Fathers wrote the constitutiona nd declaration of Independance, this is clearly NOT what they had in mind. I am all for free speech and the democratic process, but there is no indication of that here. What we have instead is freedom of speech, as long as it is politically correct and a "democratic process" full of deceit, payoffs and hidden truth. Unfortunately, Americans seem to be ok with this...

I am a firm believer in making an EDUCATED decision...based on research and accurate information. Both sides of any issue need to be considered...and THE TRUTH MUST BE SPOKEN...COMPLETE TRUTH...otherwise a disservice is done to all involved. As they say in the courtroom, WE NEED THE TRUTH, THE WHOLD TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE hard it THAT??

not voting is better than an ignorant or uninformed vote...they will likely be the first to complain when things start pointing toward socialism...that they were duped, didn't know, lied to or whatever. I have never followed a presidential election process like i have this one but i see so many inconsistencies in stories from the democrats and those that support them...the focus seems to be blaming the other guy and pointing out all of the shortcomings of the republicans to divert attention from their own stuff...lets hope america wakes up before the 4th ...

Thanks for keeping us informed...thanks for allowing us to share thoughts!!!!!!!


Michelle Hartman