Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quote #248, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

Here goes blog quote #248...

"A great way to show gratitude for what I have in life is when I substitute the words 'I GET TO' for the words 'I HAVE TO' ."
-Rena Reese, founder, Soul Salon International-

Think about how many times we say I have to go pick up the kids or I have to visit Grandma or I have to order the pizza for the family tonight. What if your kids were sick and unable to go out of the house where you get to go pick them up. How about Grandma. Not everyone's Grandma is still with us and some people would love the opportunity to get to go see their Grandma again. The ability to get to order out a pizza and not have to eat leftovers for the 4th night in a row is pretty special as well.

If you think about it, any time you catch yourself saying I HAVE TO 'whatever' , you can almost always replace that comment with I GET TO. This allows you a chance to give thanks and gratitude for ALL that you are blessed with.

Just a thought, and a good one at that, by Ms. Reese. I don't have to tell her thank you but I want to and get to tell her thank you.

That's my view....... What Say You?


Rena Reese said...

Thanks Tim for this important post. Anyone who knows me, knows I learned the valuable "I Get to" thinking from Denise Taylor, author of Heavenly Birth. She is a beautiful and dear friend who forever changed my view about life. The opportunity to flex the "gratitude muscle" as she explains, is present in every single day if we look for it.

Thanks for sharing this in your blog Tim!


T.A. Smith said...

You have to love a stand up person for not taking credit for someone else's work. Rena, hats off to you :):)