Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Case You Missed( this past weeks Posts on Smile-Therapy)

The following is a briefing of this past weeks Daily Positive Emails sent out to Smile-Therapy subscribers.

We had everything from Girl Scouts Sales Champs, to Delicious Organic Beef, to Wisdom for Teens, to Checklists, and finally a starfish and a little girl. Have a Look......

11-5.... "How am I Doing" Checklist? ( good check up on self).

11/4.... 7 Pieces of WISDOM to Share with Youth. (Parents raved about this one!!)

11/3.... Mouth Watering Beef( if you ve never taster ORGANIC Beef... it is a MUST. You have no idea what taste you are depriving yourself of).

10/31....Girl ScoutSells 42,000 Cookies ( H O W ?? Great Story for all, including Salespeople).

10/30....The Power of 1 Person's Act ( don't underestimate the difference You, and only You can make).

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