Sunday, March 22, 2015

How important is your Mental Attitude? V- E- R- Y

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"The most important thing-- is something  you can't get any photograph of; because the most important thing for me, is my mental attitude." 
-Floyd Patterson, heavy weight boxing champion, 2 times-
The story behind this is that Floyd Patterson was the heavyweight champ of the boxing world at the time. He then was defeated, and the boo birds and critics weighed in- and heavily. They said he was finished. His best years were behind him. Won't be heard from again.
The only one not jumping on that bandwagon, was Mr Floyd Patterson. He had developed what is called inspirational dissatisfaction(ID). Per W.C. Stone, "ID is one of the strongest single forces that drive desire, and magically, turn that desire into results." He even goes so far as to BOLDLY say "All the world's progress, in every field of activity, has been the result of action by men and women who experienced inspirational dissatisfaction- never by those who were satisfied." WOW!
Back to Patterson. He knew he could succeed, and he was not content to remain a one time, washed up champ. He had taken a fierce pride in becoming the world's best boxer again. This quote referenced above, was made to reporters, writers, media, and photographers right BEFORE the return bout. 
Incidentally that match-up was decided in the 5th round-- with Patterson the winner!
That's my view...what say you?

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