Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Quote #485

Heres Blog Quote #485...
"Dogs and people can come into your life as blessings or lessons. We learn things from both but honestly, dogs have taught me MUCH more about being a better person than people ever have."
-C. Goede-

At first, this might get met with much agreement -- due to the fact of the massive love for our 4 legged friends. But HOLD the fort. It's a darn strong statement!

I'm not quite sure about this, but...not, not sure either

What I am certain of is-- I HAVE DEFINITELY learned much from my 3 dogs over the years. What I'd pass along to anyone who would listen is... GET ONE.
Could be your best move--- EVER.

Come to think of it--can't think of anything bad they've taught me, and a laundry list of good. My fellow humans-- of course learning plenty good... but there's stuff I' d like to erase from the memory bank as well. Perhaps too much?

That's my view...what say you?

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