Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quote #387, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

Here goes Blog Quote #387...

"It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services, or the number of people he may be serving, or the class of people served."
-Dr. Napoleon Hill-

Funny when Hill wrote this, I don't think he had our armed forces in mind. Most likely the business folk.

Looking at this quote though, it applies to our brave military in the largest sense. They certainly are doing their best, given the difficult task, conditions, and orders thay have to follow and work with. You certainly couldn't pay these people enough... for how much is risking your life every day worth? Finally, the people, they are serving is you and I. And it's quite a large number to serve. Can you say an entire population?

So on this Memorial Day weekend, and every day, let us bow our heads and salute our bravest citizens. Without them, who knows where we would be. I'm certain of this:: not as safe and fortunate as we are with them. Thank you to all who have served.

That's my view...what say you?

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