Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quote #353, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

Here goes Blog quote #353...

"The value YOU bring to your customer far exceeds what the product or service will do for them."
-Chuck Bartlett-

What an interesting quote. One that makes you think... "do I agree with this quote?"

I got to thinking several scenerios. Who I buy my office supplies from. Who I buy a car from. When I need a lawyer. When I need to visit a doctor. When I go traveling and choose an airline. Even my own 'Smile-Therapy' service.

In each case we all want good service and the product to do what its supposed to do. But look behind the curtain of whatever product /service you are using. When you need the extra help, the advice, the answers to questions, the cooperation and expert info when problems arise... that's when this quote rings 100% true.

When I have issues, I want my car guy to help out. When plane travel problems, where is my travel agent to assist, or more importantly, the pilot better be extra good when severe weather or crisis hits(does the name SULLY ring a bell?). The doctor for routine checkups and physicals, most will do, but again...major issues and I want the doc to be an EXPERT, as well as fully accessible for consultations and answers. Same for lawyers. My service... it's pretty darn valuable, yet I am the guy behind it and I believe, on top opf the service provided, I'm an outstanding resource for anyone who needs EXTRA help/advice/info.

After further review, I THINK this quote is pretty ingenious. Curious as to how you interpret it.

That's my view...what say you?

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