Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quote #338, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

Here goes Blog quote #338...

One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising."
-Jim Rohn-

Well stated, Mr Rohn. Sometimes, we have to think about what we are doing. How much does it cost to get a new customer? How much is a valued customer worth, one who truly believes in your product/service, and LOVES what you do?

Does it make sense to spend all your time and money trying to obtain new customers, or would we be better off catering to our existing fans? Perhaps it should be an even mix of our efforts. At minimum, some effort should be placed on and put into your loyal patrons, as they are walking billboards and testimonials of your company.

We all need new customers. But the one who gets a customer, then takes them for granted will soon be looking for even more new customers. Take care of your "raving fans." It will produce fruitful dividends.

That's my view...what say you?

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