Monday, April 4, 2016

Getting a PHD, on 'failure...'

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"Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker." -Zig Ziglar-
"We get very little wisdom from success." -William Saroyan- 

Today a 2- fer on Failure and Success.
Zig reminds us not to let failure be the death of us, but simply learn from it's lessons. There is always a message to be received from a letdown or disappointment. Look for that needle in the haystack.
Similarly, Saroyan  suggests that when we win, we don't always learn much, versus when we go down in  defeat or failure--we look a bit harder at the films. We think a tad longer what we could have done different. We practice new/different things that might spur on a more positive outcome, next time.
So, both scholars here are telling us to utilize a temporary setback as just that-temporary-and to be certain to get an education from it. Class in session...

That's my view...what say you?
More great things await

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