Monday, December 29, 2014

Good Definition of Semi-Retired...BQ #706

"I haven't retired. I have semi-retired. To me, semi-retired means you stop doing things because you have to and you start doing  things that you have always wanted to."
-C.A Braga-

Thought this quote was on the money. Everyone has a different vision for what retirement is to them. Personally, I could only take so many card games, rounds of golf, and eating a scheduled lunch at noon every day. 

I want to keep learning , helping, and doing-for the rest of my waking years. Sure maybe not work as many hours per day, and perhaps travel the planet a bit more, but still impact the world in a positive way, the best that I can, while I can.

How about you?
And...anyone else think Mr Braga is on the right track here?

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