Friday, December 5, 2014

Blog quote #701 &702..(Unlimited Belief)

Here's blog quote #701 &702 (On Unlimited Belief)

"I'm looking for a lot of men with an infinite capacity--for not knowing what can't be done."
-Henry Ford-

"It's not what are we going to do's what aren't we going to do today?"
-Ferris Bueller-

Can you say big imaginations?
People that  want to jump as high as they can, or go as far as they are capable.

Ever see a young kid at a task? They just go and go and go. Here's why. They don't know any different. They haven't reached a stage where 276 adults have told them no, or they can't do it or 'what are they, crazy..?'  etc.  etc.

Or how about a dog with one of those hard, compacted rawhide bones. How the heck do they ever tackle that? Again, they just jump in and start gnawing, and keep gnawing, relentlessly,until 2 hrs later- they got to the whole darn thing. 

No one told them they couldn't chew that ridiculously hard bone, or 'be careful Rover, your teeth might break.'

Let's, as Ford suggests, look for those willing to try, to say'yes,' to step beyond their comfort zone, and  yes--to eventually amaze us all, including themselves.

Or as the legendary Ferris Bueller suggests, simply...THINK BIG..

That's my view...what say you?

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