Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blog Quote #638...

Here's Blog Quote #638...
"Success begins with totally believing  in yourself, understanding the val-u  that "u" have, the positive impact that "u" make in this world, and discovering that "u" already are- who"u" are trying to be."
-Chuck Bartlett, motivation guru-

Wow--powerful statement, with quite a bit going on here.
Since I'm a simple man, let's try to break this one down, in bites:

1.) Do you 100% believe in yourself?
2.) Do you understand the value that you have, and what you are to deliver, and why you are here on this planet?
3.) Do you recognize and totally grasp the positive impact that you make--in and on the world?
4.) Have you figured out who you are trying to be, where you are most comfortable, and what is the best use of your skills and talents( in real estate--often called "highest and best use.")

We agree that success will come...when we determine the answers to these 4 questions.
To get there, is another task in itself.  Bartlett has spelled out a very nice, albeit challenging homework assignment here. Are you up for taking it on?

The rewards of success await those who truly figure out these four questions. Nice work Chuck.

That's my view...what say you?

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