Friday, January 24, 2014

Blog Quote #608

Here's blog Quote #608...
"Almost everything is more complicated than it seems, but nothing is hopeless."
-Vincent Barnett, president Colgate University-

When I first read the quote-- it made me think of how much goes on behind the scenes of anything and everything. No matter what it is we see, there is usually so many moving parts that are happening by other people to make things look smooth-- totally unaware to the casual onlooker.

Case in point. We used to own race horses. People who go bet on them they think it's an easy business. That you win 100% of the purses, you get your picture taken, and you get written about in horse magazines. They have no clue about the multitude of expenses, the vet bills, the injury to the horses, the rest they need to take parts of the year,  and so on and so forth. And how would they? It looks so glamorous on the outside. Little do they know about the other 97  intricacies that occur-upon further review.

And that's the same for the jewelry business, the real estate business, or running an ice cream shop. Nothing in life is easy. Great time, care, knowledge, and expertise need to be gathered to do almost anything. But if it was easy, what fun would that be?

In this quote, Barnett reassures us that although most things are complicated-- if one is willing to invest the time and efforts-- nothing is hopeless and most desires can be attained. We concur.

That's my view...what say you?   

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