Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blog Quote #593...

Here's blog quote #593...
"Learn to say no. It will be more useful to you than being able to read Latin."
-Charles Spurgeon-

This is by no means a slam on the importance of being able to read Latin. Actually it stresses just how important it is  to be able to say NO to others.

Do you know people that always say YES, then can never live up to their commitments? Not good. We like the 'give it to us straight, and honor your word' approach. 

Then there are others-- who always say YES in an effort to try and  please everyone. In the end all they end up doing-- is not pleasing themselves.

And parents dealing with their kids. The old 'Do I want to be their friend or am I being a responsible parent' decision. That's always a lively discussion, in the 'how to parent' circles.

We suggest reacquainting yourself with the word NO. Yes we all want to be a nice guy, but pick your spots where you have to say NO to people. Everyone wins.

That's my view...what say you?

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