Monday, December 26, 2016

Here's what Success hinges on...

Blog quote #1082...  
"Under normal conditions any man's success hinges about 5% what others do for him and about 95% on what he does." -James Worsham-
Many thoughts came to mind here immediately. First was to get into a good habit of not blaming others. Blaming is useless, doesn't help matters, and many times unfounded. Next, we get what we deserve with the efforts  we put in--generally speaking. Much of our destiny, we play a major part in (along with our creator). 
A third thought was the line 'Do it yourself.' Not sure about you, but I've found that if we frequently rely on others, sadly they will let us down more often than we'd like to admit. Thus the old DIY kicks in again--being in charge of our final fate.
What thoughts did you think of, when reading this quote? 
That's my view...what say you?

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