Friday, June 6, 2014

Blog quote #664...

Here's Blog Quote #664...
"We get little wisdom from success."
-William Saroyan, American writer-

This quote is powerful because it's so accurate, yet it's not thought about often. 

Think about whenever you lose. Whether it's a sporting event, a job proposal, a tryout for the play, or even asking someone out on a date. What's the first thing we all do? Well maybe not everyone, but those that want to improve our chances for success the next time. Those who want self- improvement or better.

We think about the scenario. We replay it in our minds, asking self, what could we have done better? Could we have tried this, tweaked that, eliminated that move or added this twist? We scrutinize, analyze,and compartmentalize. Why? How?  What if?  And that's a good thing. That is how we all get better.

Versus the winner. They go celebrate, they yuck it up. They do press conferences, get congratulated and do all the fun and positive things that winners get to do. That's ok.

Here's the interesting thing...many times the difference between winning and losing isn't much at all.  Perhaps, even in winning, there is room for improvement and re-looking at all that transpired and still try to raise the bar next time? In fact--that is what the best of the best do. Win OR lose, they are always trying to improve.

So, next time, in victory or defeat--just look at it as a learning experience and a chance to step up your game for a more improved experience next time. In contrast to Saroyan's comment--- much wisdom CAN come from defeat.

That's my view...what say you? 

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