Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blog Quote #500 (milestone)

Heres Blog Quote #500..
"The bad you hear about  a man may not be true, but when people say something good about him, you can bet on it."
-Robert Quillen-
Hey, hey, hey, we made #500,  and are on our way!  Not the easiest task-- as most Blogs start and finish like a kennel club race. So--- thought we'd make sure, number 500 was worth talking about.

I believe Quillen is eluding to 2 seperate issues here. First is gossip. It's rampant, unnecessary, and often not true. People toss around comments and critiques like pennies into a wishing well. His thought-- take bad comments with a filter, and consider the source. It may be 100% true, but it may not be?

Now, his second point... involves when good is said about a person. We have no stats for this but will speculate that the amount of criticism to compliments are probably about a 19-1 ratio-- maybe worse.
People are quick to complain and criticize. Very lethargic to compliment. Hebetudinous to say something nice. Why in the world-- we have no idea? It's just the way most humans are. Sad, but true.

So-- if something nice is said about someone, as long as it wasn't a best friend or relative, chances are that it's accurate. HMMM...

That's my view... what say you?

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