Friday, November 5, 2010

Quote #436, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

Here goes Blog Quote #436...

"If you make every game a life and death thing, you are going to have problems. You will be dead a lot."
-Kevin Barry-

Some wise wisdom for all of us to remember.

Have you seen the crazed parents at the 11 year old's baseball game? The ones yelling at their kids, screaming at the coaches, argueing with other parents WHY their kid should be playing more.

Then of course there are the pro and college sports fans. I'm all for some face painting, crazy costumes, cheering on your team, and getting a little fired up. Nonetheless, some fans take it a bit too far, and get in name calling, fights and other silly, rude behavior.

Let's not leave out ourseleves from the discussion. I'm a golf goon. At times, admittedly, I'm a bit harsh on myself, cursing, slapping the head or leg, hitting the shoe and sometimes the foot(ouch) with the golf club.

At the end of the day, we need to remember, IT'S a GAME. Not life and death. Nothing overly serious that's really going to alter the earth's axis or how things play out.

So this quote is a good one to print off and put on the refrigerator, or post it note over the computer screen as a reminder.

We close with another dandy, from the eloquent Elbert Hubbard..
"Don't take life too seriously; you will never get out of it alive."

That's my view... what say you?

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