Monday, October 18, 2010

Quote #433, My Thoughts and YOUR thoughts

Here goes Blog quote #433...

"Life can change in an instant. Sometimes, it just takes awhile for that instant to arrive."
-Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory-

I love this quote because it says very powerfully; that LIFE can change very quickly. For the good or the bad.

From that, we can take many conclusions or ideas...
~ Appreciate life to its fullest, daily.
~ Live in the moment.
~ The fact that change can occur at any time is something to be cognizant of.

Perhaps the biggest thought that jumped out of my head was the 3 p's...Patience, Persistence and Perseverance. Hang in there, just keep plugging, working hard, doing good things, and when that INSTANT comes when the changing occurs... it should change in your favor, for the better.

That's my view...what say you?

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